1. What is the philosophy behind the name ‘Chersom’?
    “Chersom” (pronounced as “share-sim”) originates from the thought of “sharing” chocolates. As Indians, we’ve always celebrated our momentous occasion or commenced our new journeys with a bite of something sweet. Chersom is born out of the very same philosophy of letting sweetness linger on tongues a little longer and spreading happiness one chocolate piece at a time.
  2. Are Chersom chocolates vegetarian?
    Yes. All our chocolates are 100% vegetarian.
  3. Do Chersom chocolates contain alcohol?
    No. We strictly refrain from using alcohol in our chocolates.
  4. Can Chersom chocolates be customized?
    Yes, that’s our specialty! We can customize your chocolates in different shapes, sizes and also by weight. Tell us what you like, and we’ll have your chocolates tailormade.
  5. Can the packaging be customized?
    Yes. We curate hampers to your liking. We also personalize the wrapping and provide options for boxes.
  6. Does Chersom take bulk chocolate orders?
    Yes, more the merrier! We take bulk orders for events, weddings, party favours, birthdays, festivals, baby showers, bachelorettes and anything else you can think of. To place a bulk order, please contact us.
  7. Does Chersom take corporate orders?
    Yes, we take corporate orders for chocolates. We also customize the packaging for your corporate orders on request. To know more, call us on +91 9324349826
  8. What areas do you deliver in?
    We deliver across most parts of India. Get in touch with us to find out if we deliver to the area of your choice.
  9. How do I place an order with Chersom?
    Simply give us a call on: +91 9324349826
  10. What modes of payment do you accept?
    We accept bank transfers, cash and payments made via PayTM.